Sherlock Brothers is a five piece rockband from central Sweden that has come to be recognized for their chaotic live shows. Their Music can be described as a combination of 70´s rock groove and heavy grunge equipped with a modern sound .

In spring 2011 they released their debut album ” Black Cat Tango” through Ninetone Records ( CORRODED , LILLASYSTER among others…).

After great success with their singles ”Stay” and ” Rollin ‘ ” (adding up to almost 700 000 listenings on Spotify ) from the debut album ” Black Cat Tango”, they followed up with a tour around Swedish rock clubs and festivals.

The band got rewarded with the prestigious award as Swedish breakthrough of 2011 at the Bandit Rock Awards.

Now the band is highly relevant again with their new ”party” singel ” My Way ” that is expected to become an even bigger hit than ”Stay” and ” Rollin” . Their second album ”Monkey Made Nation ” will be released September 25th, 2014 through Ninetone Records.